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The Law Office of Paul Merry covers all aspects of employment law and offers representation in negotiation, mediation, and litigation through appeal in all federal and state courts and agencies.  The office concentrates on race, age, disability, sex, religion and national origin discrimination claims.  Representation is also offered in wrongful termination suits, sexual harassment, employment torts, contracts, covenants not to compete and separation agreements. The Law Offices of Paul H. Merry is an independent office and is not affiliated with any other law firm. 
Paul Merry is the former General Counsel of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and frequently publishes and speaks on discrimination and other employment law issues.  He also teaches at Suffolk University Law School.  In 2001, he was inducted into the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers of the American Bar Association. He has served as chair of the Massachusetts Employment Lawyers' Association and as President of the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute Board of Trustees; and is active with the National Employment Lawyers Association.
Recent cases include defeating summary judgement against a woman denied promotion because she had a small child (Sivieri v. DTA); winning an appeal from a Superior Court decision denying the sexual harassment claims of a woman assaulted in her workplace (Doucette v. Salty Dog); winning a Commission Against Discrimination decision awarding substantial damages for an African-American woman harassed and over-supervised due to her race (Williams v. New Bedford); successfully representing a disabled man in his struggle to get a parking space from his employer (Braman v. City of Boston); and successfully opposing a Motion for Summary Judgement against a woman terminated from her job due to her multiple sclerosis in a decision that was rated one of the more significant decisions of 1999 by the Labor and Employment Section of the Massachusetts Bar Association (Beling v. RMD, Inc.).  Other notable cases include representing a deaf woman denied accomodation by her employer (Tate v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health), and a woman terminated from her job while suffering from multiple sclerosis (Schmid v. Boston Edison)


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